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The Team

Who We Are


Crissi Kolb

Executive Director

Crissi joined CASA For Kids in January 2019. Prior to her role as the Executive Director, Crissi worked as the Volunteer Supervisor in Preston County. Crissi came to CASA after working within the foster care system for over 10 years empowering parents, through parenting education and adult life skills classes, to make decisions that are in the best interest of their children with the goal of being reunification as a family. Working within that system she witnessed firsthand how the child/ren’s needs could go un-addressed and wishes could go unmet. Crissi saw a need in the community and knew she needed to be the one to fulfill it. Crissi joined CASA For Kids with the goal to give every child that found themselves in the foster care system, at no fault of their own, a voice.

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Jennifer Brown

Volunteer Supervisor-Mon County

Jennifer joined the CASA staff in November of 2022. She has been a CASA volunteer advocate since February of 2020. She is excited to now be applying her time as a volunteer to her position as supervisor in Mon County. She is currently enrolled at WVU as a Regents Bachelor of Arts Major with minors in Human Services, Communication Studies and Political science. Born and raised in Preston County, she is excited to be a part of the CASA organization and to be able to serve children and families in her own communities. A mother of three energetic boys, she is eager to bring her love of life and the ability to care for children to her work and the CASA mission.

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Leah Turner

Volunteer Supervisor- Preston County

Leah joined CASA in November of 2021. In the past, she has worked within a variety of settings with diverse individuals providing her with numerous and valuable experiences. She has worked with a range of ages including Preschool children and their families, as well as adults in substance abuse treatment centers. Her most recent employment was working with adults with intellectual disabilities in a day program center.

In addition to her experience, as a Preston County Native, she has a passion for social services and is extremely enthusiastic about giving back to her community by helping others. She looks forward to taking on bigger challenges with long-lasting rewards in witnessing the joy that has been shared with her since becoming a part of CASA’s mission.

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Jessica Pepper

 Transitional Youth Coordinator

Jessica joined the CASA For Kids Team in August 2022 but has been a volunteer since November 2021. She is currently enrolled at West Virginia University and is working on a Master of Social Work. She obtained her bachelor's degree in Psychology with an emphasis in family systems from Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. She was raised in the Mountain State and has always had a passion for coming back to help youth and families in West Virginia. One of her favorite things about working with CASA is seeing the difference that we make in children's lives. She hopes to continue working with and giving a voice to, youth in her home state.

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